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Adventure made easy!

Electric bike (e-bike) tours, rentals and sandwiches to explore Drumheller

Focus on the fun when you go further and climb with ease with the help of an e-bike.

Explore on an e-bike

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Enjoy your ride with our comfortable step-through e-bikes. With a power-assist motor you can choose to pedal as much, or as little, as you’d like.


What’s New

There’s always something happening here at Bikes and Bites. Don’t miss out on the fun, check out upcoming local events.

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We’ve got you covered with self-guided and guided tour options to explore the stories and beauty of the Drumheller valley and badlands.


Bike Repairs

We get that bikes need a little love. We’re not a full service shop, but we’re happy to help where we can. Reach out if you need to pump your tires, get your new bike assembled or need a basic tune-up.

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