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Questions? We have the answers!

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Booking a bike

Can I book without a credit card?

  •  Credit cards are required to book online. Should you wish to pay cash or use debit this is available in-person. You will require both the rental fee and damage deposit. 

Do I need to book online?

  • No. Though we highly recommended you book ahead online to ensure there’s an ebike available for you, we can accept walk-ins for rentals (depending on what is available). We will not be taking bookings over the phone.

Can I rent a bike without getting food?

  • Yes, though you’d sure be sad when you’re hungry later.

Does my rental include the picnic?

  • No, picnics are in addition to your rental.

How far in advance do I need to book?

  • Rentals are based on availability. We encourage you to plan ahead to avoid disappointment. it is possible you could book the same day and be on your adventure!

How do I book?

  • Visit us at and head to 'book an e-bike'. Choose a day and time, how long a ride, select your ebike, don’t forget to order a picnic (you’re sure to get hungry), and fill out your information. You can book in-person by visiting our shop. 

What if I’m late for my booking?

  • If you are late this will eat into your rental time. No time will be added to the rental as this would create a domino affect for the other rentals.

What if I’m late for my return?

  • Late returns can be subject to late fees. It is important all rentals are returned in time to ensure we can prepare (inspect and disinfect/sanitize) the ebike before the next rider.

Do you provide pick up and drop off?

  • No. It is the rider’s responsibility to return the ebike to the shop.

I’d like to book for a small corporate group, can we be invoiced for payment instead of scheduling online?

  • Absolutely! Please contact us directly for information on booking your event at either or 403-436-4646(GoGo).


Enjoying Your Ride 

Do you supply helmets?

  • Yes!

Can I use my own helmet?

  • Of course! 

Do I need to wear a helmet when biking in Drumheller?

  • Yes, for your safety it is required by law you wear a helmet.

What safety equipment is included (aside from helmets)?

  • There are reflectors on the wheels and pedals, LED flights on the fronts, and a brake light on the rear fenders of our fleet. We also offer bike locks to help prevent theft during time off your ride.

I’m a beginner cyclist, what experience level is required?

  • Any experienced (can ride a bike) level rider can enjoy a ride on our ebikes. Relax and ride a little longer, a little further or get some help on the hills with the pedal assist provided on your ebike.

Are there washrooms on the path?

  • Yes, there are washrooms available in public facilities and parks along the path. This includes the Badlands Community Facility (next to our shop), the Rotary Spray Park, Riverside Park, Newcastle Recreation Area, and McMullen Island Day Use Area (about half way to the Royal Tyrrell Museum). Some locations are a pit/vault toilet and most have potable water (for drinking). The Town's trail map provides details.

Do you offer tours? How long are the tours?

  • You bet! Guided tours are coming summer 2023. Over 2 hours you'll get to experience Drumheller, we're much more than dinosaurs. Full tour details and schedule available in May. 


Something has gone wrong, now what?

What happens if I get a flat tire?

  • Please call us for guidance/further assistance at 403-436-4646(GoGo).

What if my bike is stolen?

  • Please call us for guidance/further assistance at 403-436-4646(GoGo).

If any situation requires immediate assistance from the police/sheriff, the fire department or an ambulance call 9-1-1. If you are ever in doubt of whether a situation is an emergency you should call 9-1-1.

  • For any other situation or after 9-1-1 has been contacted for an emergency please call us for guidance/further assistance at 403-436-4646(GoGo).



Do you deliver?

  • You can use one of the local delivery companies (Dino Delivery 403-821-0074 or Curt Can 403-821-1628)

Do you do catering?

  • Absolutely! Please contact us directly for information on large orders or catering at either or 403-436-4646(GoGo).

I have some dietary restrictions, is there a list of ingredients?

  • Yes, please check out our menu online. If there is a specific allergy concern, please call us at 403-436-4646(GoGo).

I have some dietary restrictions, where can I communicate them?

  • Online there is a note section on the order where you can communicate. Please note this is for such things as gluten-free, vegan, or allergies restrictions. We will do our best to honor your modifications and request but unfortunately, we can't assure you that we'll be able to make them happen. 

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